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with Charlie Banner QC, Mary Cook, Paul Tucker QC, Sasha White QC & Chris Young QC

We came together in lockdown to raise money for the NHS, have a laugh and hopefully entertain. Each week, the panel discuss the latest developments in planning law and policy from the week. 

We invite a special guest from the most influential ranks of the Planning World, and we host a special topic each week from Garden Cities to Planning Reform. There is no charge for the event, but we encourage viewers to make a modest donation to the NHS Combined Charity or whichever local charity you may prefer.

Regular features are: Case of the Week, PINS/SOS Decision of the Week, Praise of the Week & Nudge of the Week

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Latest Episode

  • Marc van Grieken MSc FLI, Landscape Architect and Fellow of the Landscape Institute (S7 E5)
    Decisions of the Week: Decision of Minister for Housing dated 7th June 2022 dismissing a recovered appeal by Island Gas Ltd, in accordance with the inspector’s recommendation, for drilling & testing of hydrocarbons at EP1 Well at Ellesmere Port Wellsite, Cheshire raising questions around energy, shale gas & climate change policy, WMSs & NPPF, effects […]