Watch Live on Zoom

We broadcast the show live on Zoom every month and it also Premieres on YouTube the following day. 

Live Event Details:

These events run on the first Thursday of the month at 5pm (UK time) and we post our talking points and viewing details each week in the Upcoming page.  The meeting details are the same every month.

You can register for the Live Webinar by clicking here where you’ll be notified of the event both 24 hours before and 1 hour before.

The webinar ID is 837 7683 1683

If you have logged in already then the password is exactly the same each month – please keep it safe. If you have misplaced it or you wish to join our growing list of viewers then the password can be obtained by emailing us by clicking here

Alternatively if you cannot make the live event, the previous day’s episode will Premiere on YouTube on Fridays at 12pm (UK Time), and will be on the website to view at your convenience after that! The podcast versions on Apple Podcasts and Spotify are also made available at the same time.

Please subscribe and turn on notifications on our Have We Got Planning News for You channel here.

Here you will also find all of our previous shows to watch at your convenience.