Marc van Grieken MSc FLI, Landscape Architect and Fellow of the Landscape Institute (S7 E5)

Marc van Grieken MSc FLI
Marc van Grieken MSc FLI

Our Special Guest this week is Marc Van Grieken MSc FLI, Landscape Architect, Chair of the Landscape Institute’s Technical Committee.

Decisions of the Week:

  • Decision of Minister for Housing dated 7th June 2022 dismissing a recovered appeal by Island Gas Ltd, in accordance with the inspector’s recommendation, for drilling & testing of hydrocarbons at EP1 Well at Ellesmere Port Wellsite, Cheshire raising questions around energy, shale gas & climate change policy, WMSs & NPPF, effects on mental health.   
  • Decision of an inspector dated 13 June 2022 allowing an appeal by David Wilson Homes against the refusal of Charnwood Borough Council for 170 dwellings & granting outline permission on open arable land on the southern edge of Sileby, a service centre. No 5 yr HLS, NPPF 11(d) applicable, emerging local plan, loss of BMV, impact on character & appearance.
  • Decision of an inspector dated 14 June 2022 dismissing an appeal by a landowner against the decision of Mansfield District Council to refuse permission for up to 204 dwellings on greenfield land raising issues around ecology & biodiversity in particular nature conservation & support for Priority Habitats & Species and BNG.
  • Decision of an inspector dated 15th June 2022 allowing an appeal against the decision of North Somerset Council for up to 100 dwellings on land adjoining but outside the settlement boundary, occupied by agricultural buildings & one house at Yatton, a service centre near Bristol. Neighbourhood plan, issues around 5 yr HLS, emerging now local plan, location & scale of development, impact on ecology & biodiversity & Grampian conditions.

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