Oliver Bulleid, Executive Director of the London Community Land Trust (S10 E2)

Oliver Bulleid

Oliver Bulleid

Our special guest this week is Oliver Bulleid, Executive Director of the London Community Land Trust.

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Decisions of the Week:

  • Decision of the High Court dated 12 May 2023in R (0ao Nelson Richardson) v London Borough of Lambeth et SSLU,H&C [2023] EWHC 1131 (admin)refusing multiple applications related to 4 separate JJ claims – all ruled to be totally without merit.
  • Decision of the Court of Appeal dated 16 May 2023 inSSLU,H&C v, Smith & London Borough of Hackney [2023] EWCA Civ 514, in which they quashed the decision of Kerr J in the High Court, who had allowed an appeal against the decision of an inspector appointed to conduct an appeal determined by written representations, who had been assisted by an appeal planning officer who had prepared a report on facts, evidence, issues and contentions in the appeal and a recommendation based on an evaluative planning judgement.
  • Decision of an inspector dated 11 Mayrelating toland at Lowerside Lane, Glastonbury allowing an appeal against the decision of Mendip District Council to refuse an outline application for up to 90 dwellings in the context of a new unitary authority, no 5 yr HLS, agreement between the main parties that the appeal be allowed, evidence from interested parties contending otherwise, observations from the inspector around the relevance of the travel of direction indicated through LURB and NPPF consultation.
  • Joint Determination by DoT & SSLU,H&C dated 10 May 2023in accordance with the inspector’s recommendation, allowing HS2’s appeal under para 6 Schedule 17 of the High Speed Rail (London to West Midlands) Act 2017, against the decision of the Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, to refuse approval for a lorry route serving five worksites at Balsall Common.

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