Richard Schofield, Head of Profession at the Planning Inspectorate (S8 E4)

Richard Schofield
Richard Schofield

This week, our special guest is Richard Schofield, Head of Profession at the Planning Inspectorate.

Decisions of the Week:

  • The Supreme Court decision in HillsideThis Wednesday, the Supreme Court decision in the Hillside litigation was handed down. This is a seminal decision in the relationship of planning permissions relating to the same site.
  • The High Court decision in Standard Life v Secretary of State & Ors [2022] EWHC 2632 (Admin)A decision of James Strachan KC (sitting as a Deputy Judge of the High Court) dealing with the critical issue of presentation of a case at inquiry and the legal approach of an Inspector in the light of how the case is put in the context of a claimed breach of condition in a Section 78 appeal dealing with the redevelopment of a major site in Bath.
  • Decision of an inspector dated 24 October 2022 in which an Inspector deals with a major redevelopment of a site in Tottenham for a mixed use development of 867 homes and whether the proposal complied or not with the development plan and the effect of the tilted balance in the planning balance.
  • Decision of an inspector dated 25 October 2022 in which the Inspector was dealing with a proposed world-class Golf Course, hotel and over 1000 houses in the Green Belt and whether there were very special circumstances which outweighed the harm to the Green Belt.

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